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About Pagani Foundation

Pagani Foundation began in the Province of Sierra Leone in 2011 by helping the children in need. This organisation was initially created as a personal goodwill project to bring hope to the disadvantaged children in Sierra Leone, Gambia and Nigeria. 


However, the power of one person isn't enough to solve the significant problems facing young children in developing world. In 2019 we decided to create this foundation to raise more funds aiming to raise charity squad globally. We are proud of our achievement in Sierra Leone and now reaching out to Nigeria and the whole of Africa eventually.

It's been said that the children of today are the hope and future of tomorrow. Our aspiration is to help children in serious need and families in extreme difficulties such as poverty, illness, children working to help their family instead of going to school, orphans, sexually abused and exploited. This is happening in African countries where they have no voice and no one to speak for them.  


We will bring you progress updates under Charity Showcase page. Here are goals set for the foundation

  • To cater to widows and children; target these children and get their true life stories, what they want to do with their lives and support them.

  • To pay school fees for orphans and children with parents/guardian(s) with low income. 

  • To start a small business for underage single mothers who are victims of rape so they can support their kids and have a brighter future.

  • To provide a safe home for orphans & rescue the sexually abused and sexually exploited. 

  • To pay hospital bills for children with low income parent/guardian who can't afford to foot the bill so the children don't die of common illnesses.

  • To give a voice to the voiceless and create a rehabilitation haven for drug addicted adolescents who are roaming the streets aimlessly. 

  • To rehabilitate and support a homeless young adults at risk of sexual abuse, modern slavery and early marriages.

  • To raise awareness for adult and children living with Autism in Africa. 

Our foundation is presented to the needy as a pot of goodwill,  Our charity project in Freetown, Sierra Leone caters for school children in need while our Eastern Nigeria project focuses on feeding children in orphanage homes. As we get more sponsors we will extend our goodwill act to helping single women and widows who are struggling to put food on the table. 


Pagani Foundation is our dream as humanitarians to bring hope where there is none. With your support we shall take baby steps, one child, one family at a time to make the world a better place. Please support us by sending your goodwill donation to Origin via the donate link below. Your token will make a difference in the lives of disadvantaged children and those who are seriously in need. 

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